Kaye Dedrick (Children’s Ministry)


Kaye grew up in a farm family in Dryden NY a family who has faithfully served the Lord since she was young. She gave her heart to the Lord at the age of 6 and desired to serve but was not sure how. In 1986, a member of her home church approached her about the local area BCM Bible Clubs Mission and Released-time classes. The previous BCM Missionary was about to leave for another ministry and they were looking for a woman who was supported by a husband who could do the upkeep of the classes. That fall she went to BCM Candidate school and came back to classes that had begun already. Right now I am leading classes at North Spencer Christian Academy, Freeville Elementary, Cassavant (McLean) Elementary.



Family Life Network (FLN)

Family Life Network is a Christian radio station that broadcasts in much of New York and parts of Pennsylvania. In Auburn it’s 93.5 in Cortland it’s 92.3 Ithaca it’s 88.9 all on FM. For more info check out their web page below. 

Website: www.fln.org